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Just one simple move into the “x-currency” could bring investors hundreds of percent gains—minimum—as soon as within the next 6 months (no options or currency experience required)…



Dear Reader,


Imagine making a simple phone call--changing your dollars into the “x-currency”--and suddenly, you have 2-3 times your money.


That’s the essence of currency trading.


Here’s my point, what you are about to discover could be the easiest way you’ll ever see to make hundreds of percent gains…


And do it with very little risk.


More importantly, the last time an opportunity like this came around, it handed investors gains of 2,185%... and made a lot of smart people rich.


The same opportunity exists today… in the currency market.


But it’s simple to get into what I call the “x-currency”…


Because you don’t need to know anything about the FOREX currency market… buy options or futures… or anything risky like that… to take advantage.


In fact, this particular currency investment may be the simplest, easiest and lowest-risk opportunity of the last 29 years… including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, or any of the other typical Wall Street investments.


You see, here’s what most investors don’t realize…


Every person on Earth over the past decade, regardless of where they live, would have ALREADY made hundreds of percent in terms of their own currency -- had they just owned the “x-currency”.


In other words, the “x-currency” has outperformed every other currency in the world since this decade began…


And as I’ll show you in a moment, there should be even bigger gains to come… as long as you get in now.


Let me show you what I mean…


As much as 417% gains so far from the “x-currency”


The “x-currency” has paid-off in gains of hundreds of percent – minimum – to anyone that has owned it since 2000.


And one man--I’ll introduce him in a moment--believes this is just the beginning.


In fact, it’s easy to see the magnitude of this opportunity for yourself when you measure the “x-currency” against the best performing major world currencies.


The South African rand, for example, has been the strongest currency so far in 2009.

Yet look at the price of the “x-currency” since 2000 in terms of the rand:


Against the rand, you could be up 231%...

Now let's look at another currency which has risen sharply this year, the Aussie dollar.

Here, you could be up 226%...

Can you see the pattern? It doesn’t stop there, though…

Consider China. The Chinese economy has been a superpower over the past decade. But the “x-currency” has beaten the Chinese yuan by 200%…

It has also beaten the US dollar by 260%…

It’s soared 178% against the Canadian dollar…

And the “x-currency” has crushed the Russian ruble by 360%... the Mexican peso by 417%... and even the Swiss franc -- a currency that has long been regarded as the strongest on Earth -- by 155%.

You can talk about the merits of one paper currency trade against the other… the U.S. dollar vs. the Euro… or any other currency in the world…


But ALL the major currencies have been falling against the steadfast dominance of the “x-currency”.


Again, while these gains have been impressive, the opportunity is just beginning.


And that’s why the sooner you get into this investment, the more you could potentially make.


Keep in mind, the last time this happened, in the 1970s, investors in the “x-currency” could have made over 2,000% gains…


So why is this opportunity coming around again?


The reason is simple…


How the “x-currency” can make you rich,

thanks to the government


Since 2001, governments around the world have been deliberately lowering the value of their own currencies… by any means necessary.




Because when a currency loses value, it makes exported goods much cheaper and more affordable. That increases export sales… and helps boost the local economy.


In other words, with the world economy in bad shape right now, no major government wants a strong currency. What they really want to is to sell and export more goods, to help their own economies…


Governments have lots of tricks up their sleeves when they want to cheapen their currency -- by printing more money… slashing interest rates… or just "talking" it down in the media.


And that’s exactly what’s creating this amazing opportunity:


The more governments continue to devalue their currencies, the more the “x-currency” goes up.


So what is this currency? And how can you get in on this opportunity?


The “x-currency” revealed


By now, you may have guessed that the “x-currency” is none other than gold… and you’d be right.

Considering what’s happening in the world economy right now, owning gold is definitely a smart move…

But what most investors don’t realize is that there are much smarter ways to own gold than gold bars or the questionable gold ETF’s that are so popular…

In fact, the best way I’ll tell you about could potentially return 10-times the gains of regular gold bars (which are already up as much as 417% against the major currencies)…


But before I do, I’d like to introduce you to the man who first told me about this investment idea.

His name is Chris Weber.

If you walked by him on the street, you would never guess he is a multi-millionaire...

But what is unusual about Chris Weber is this: He started his fortune at age 16 – with just $650 he saved from his paper route.

In fact, that paper route is the only "real job" he's ever had.

By the time I met Chris, in 1980, he was a 23-year-old millionaire. Since then, he's grown his wealth many, many times over...

So how, exactly, did he do it? And how does he plan to add even more to his bank account this year?

If you follow what Chris is doing now, you could be in on returns of 1,000% or more, with the investment class that started his fortune at age 16...

How an Arizona paper boy turned
$650 into $600,000 – with gold

In the summer of 1971, 16-year-old Chris had been doing a lot of reading...

And closely watching what the U.S. government was doing.

Back then, the U.S. was printing a lot of extra money to pay for the Vietnam War and the "war on poverty"... at the time, the U.S. dollar was still backed by gold ($35 equaled one ounce of gold).

But then President Nixon cut the final tie between the dollar and gold.

The value of the dollar began to fall... and Chris knew that the price of gold would have to go up.

It was still illegal to own gold in 1971. But it was perfectly legal to own collectable coins made of gold...

So he took out the entire $650 he saved from his Phoenix, AZ paper route and put it all into gold coins.

Remember: This was when gold was just $35 an ounce. And it was Chris' first-ever investment...

A few months later, thanks to the U.S. dollar falling in value around the world, the price of gold took off – eventually skyrocketing to $800 per ounce.

Chris made a killing when it was all said and done, cashing out for $600,000.

By the time he finished high school, he was rich...

Today, the right investment in precious metals could do the same for you.

As Chris recently wrote:

"In 2001, I identified precious metals as starting what I think will be a huge bull market. Today, in 2009, I think we have many more years for it to run..."

Of course, the sooner you take advantage of this precious metals bull market the more opportunity you have.

So what is Chris’ favorite gold investment idea right now?

The #1 Gold stock to own right now

The first stock Chris really likes – and where he's put a lot of his own money...

It's a North American-based gold mining company – one of the best mining operations in the world.

In recent years, this former pure-play gold company has bought or added interests in other in-demand precious metals – including silver, copper, and zinc mines in Canada, Argentina, Australia, Central America and the Caribbean.

With precious metals still in high demand and governments around the world lowering the value of their currency – investment money will flood into quality gold stocks like this one...

As Chris says:

"When you look at the charts of quality gold stocks, they are in nice bull patterns – with higher highs, and higher lows. The chart for this company is a great example of that... "

As is often the case when governments lower the value of their currency, gold rises...

And silver rises even more...

The #1 Silver stock to own right now

The next best place Chris recommends you put your money?

It's the best way to own silver in your portfolio – without having to buy and store the metal itself.

You see, this international mining firm is one of the few pure-play silver producers in the world.

What's going on with the world economy right now will almost certainly make gold shoot through the roof... and silver could go on an even bigger ride, with as much as 1,384% gains to come...

And this North American multinational owns 16 of the best-producing silver mines in the world – including the southwestern U.S., Australia, Argentina, Canada and South America.

Combined, Chris has made an average gain of 499% on his favorite gold and silver stock...

"These two stocks," Chris says, "have the potential to go up far more than they have already. These are the stocks that the masses will pile into... around the time you start getting gold and silver stock tips from strangers at cocktail parties. That hasn't happened yet. But it will... "

But that’s not the only way Chris recommends playing gold against the falling currencies of the world…

The #1 way to own real gold, at half-price

It was one of the first investments Chris ever made, at age 16…

You see, one unusual gold coin started Chris on his way to his multi-million dollar fortune.

It was one of the first he bought with his $650 savings from his paper route…

And owning this gold investment also paid off years later for Chris, in a different way…

"I was at Drake University listening to some bigwig talk. Feeling vastly superior to everyone else, he showed us something he had and said, "I'll pay $1,000 to anyone who can tell me what exactly is engraved on the back of this". I'll never forget the look he gave me when I spoke up. (He paid up.)"

"Today, this gold investment can pay off for you too... "

This investment has been forgotten by the market... but it won't be for long.

It's a very simple way to own real gold in your portfolio – for about half the current price of an ounce of gold.

Even if you know about gold coins, I can almost guarantee you've never considered this one.

It's not a Saint Gaudens... a Krugerrand... or a Swiss Franc (you'll be surprised when you find out what country this coin is from... )

But as Chris recently said:

"This coin has deep personal connections to me. It was the second of these I bought as a 16 year old. It is hard to describe it without actually seeing it and holding it in your hands, but it is very beautiful... and for me, it's a piece of art."

Historically, when you buy gold this way, it can make you a lot of money...

In the last bull market for this gold investment – ending in 1987 – investors made 665% profits. And before that, it helped to make Chris independently wealthy, while he was still in high school.

But there's something you should know about this investment first...

There is not a huge amount of these floating around. People who own them love them and tend to hold onto them.

But if you're interested, Chris has a great connection. He can give you the details on his favorite way to own actual gold... as well as the name and number of the person to call.

These three precious metals investments – where Chris has been putting his own money – could make you a fortune in the years to come.

You could make as much as 1,000% or more, as long as you get in now. Even though gold and silver have gone up a lot in the last few years, precious metals are still historically cheap.

But here’s the best news…

A multi-millionaire's private journal

Taking advantage of how governments trash their own currencies is why Chris has never needed a "real" job...

It's why he's got millions safely compounding interest in the bank today...

And how he can afford to live life traveling from one postcard-perfect city or town to the next without worrying about offices, employees, income or - well, much of anything.

Fact is, it's actually very simple to profit from the currency-trashing governments make in their own self-interest... all you have to do is know where to stand to collect the money.

Because, if you're interested, Chris will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to do it...

You see, for the last eight years, Chris has been writing down exactly what he does with his own money.

For the small group of investors, friends, and colleagues who have been following Chris' investments, it has been a very profitable ride...

Now, I know if you're anything like me, you get lots of letters inviting you to try new investment services.

Everybody claims to have a great track record when it comes to their investment recommendations...

But I can just about guarantee that no other analyst in America has a track record that can match Chris Weber's.

Look at what I mean...

Chris Weber's Top 10 recommended positions
(as of August 2009











I don't know about you, but I've never seen another analyst come close to these numbers (especially in this market)...

As a result, Chris has some very happy readers...

"I am 86 years old and only recently retired. During that time, I have dabbled in the stock market about 35 years. In the four years I have been following Chris Weber, I have made more money than all of my investment years prior. You have added a great deal to my retirement security and financial fulfillment." – Dr. Franklin Minor, California



I have made more money following Chris Weber than with anyone else. I have made gains of 111%, 151%, 55%, 49%, 39%, and 55%. I am a small investor in stocks and mutual funds for over 20 years, so a huge thanks to Chris for sharing his knowledge and insights."
Sharon Smyth, Arizona



"I really like that you talk about what you are doing in the markets to keep your own wealth safe and growing. I am up over $9,000 on one of your recommendations... "Matthew Stonecipher, Vancouver

So why does Chris write down what he's doing with his own money... for anyone to see?

How Chris Weber knows a
Fed Governor... A Swiss Industrialist... and a U.S. Presidential Candidate

Chris Weber doesn't have a PhD in finance – and he's never worked on Wall Street...

Yet in the past, many of the world's rich and famous sought him out to manage their money.

Chris would never "drop names"... but he once managed money for a famous New York City commercial real estate developer... a billionaire Swiss industrialist... and an heiress to one of the major pharmaceutical companies, among many others...

He no longer manages money. But thanks to his travels – and his track record – he's become friends with some of the most important people in the worlds of investing, finance and politics. For example, Chris counts among his friends several world-renown investors (whose names you would definitely recognize)... a member of the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors... and a 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate.

As he puts it:

"To be honest, writing everything down on paper helps me think clearly about what's going on in the world. And how those things are going to affect me and my money. I'm not a broker looking for the next big deal—I just love the challenge of the investment world."

In other words, what Chris writes twice a month isn't your usual investment advisory. Newsletter. Or trading service...

It's like getting the chance to read a multi-millionaire's private investment journal... and find out exactly what he's buying.

What I mean is, Chris tells you exactly what he's buying with his own money.

If you had been following where Chris was putting his money over the last several years, you would have made some very nice gains...

How to make $1.8 million by the time you retire

As I mentioned earlier, Chris spends a lot of time reading...

Everything from the Financial Times to the New York Times to The Economist... from Marcus Aurelius to A Man in Full to A History of Interest Rates, 2000 B.C. to the Present.

And he does more traveling than anyone I know – often just to see a particular country's investment climate firsthand.

Most investors and Wall Street analysts might make a handful of investment trips a year. But they simply don't have the time or money to do the thorough, on-the-ground work that Chris does just about every single month...

He often spends weeks (and sometimes months) living in a place to see what's really happening on the ground... and how a government's economic moves are affecting the people, businesses, and institutions of that country.

For example, in the mid-1990s, Chris traveled to the Far East to get a firsthand look at the Asian boom.

He saw the new emerging governments and economies of Malaysia, Indonesia, and others growing fast – but no money was being put into roads, power grids, pipes, and communications.

Chris knew that had to change. So he put his money into the leading blue-chip infrastructure companies working there. As investors around the world discovered this situation, Chris watched his holdings appreciate over 500%...

That's just one example of literally hundreds over Chris' career... in just the past year, for example, he has spent significant time on the ground investigating opportunities in Ireland, Turkey, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, England, and Switzerland, among others.

As a result of watching what governments around the world are doing – and seeing it firsthand – Chris has put together an incredible track record.

For the last eight years, his advisory's recommended portfolio has beaten the Dow every single year – often by a wide margin:




























An average return like that can make you a millionaire – turning $50,000 into $165,000 in five years... $545,000 in 10 years... and $1.8 million in 15 years.

His track record alone is probably why so many money managers and investment professionals around the world look to Chris to find out where he's putting his money next:

"I regularly review Chris' work when developing client portfolios – and we have enjoyed tremendous success with several of his recommendations."
Jeffrey Winn, CSA. Senior Vice President, International Assets Advisory, LLC



"Chris is the shining example of how valuable his advice is, having amassed a fortune over the years through his uncanny ability to pick bottoms and tops in every market and asset class. I would strongly recommend that any serious investor take advantage of Chris' views and strategies. I have no doubt it would be one of the most profitable investments they would ever make."
Brien Lundin, President, New Orleans Investment Conference



"I have always admired Chris' profound knowledge of international issues and financial markets... I know a lot of people who have profited from his recommendations."
Roger Badet, President & CEO, Camafin Trust AG, Switzerland

As I mentioned earlier, Chris has helped make a lot of people rich by following what governments are doing with their interest rates... their currencies... and their economies...

He's done it by taking advantage of all kinds of investment vehicles. I've already shown you how he's made a fortune using a simple currency, and an easy way to profit from governments desperately trying to save their economies...

So if you want to learn about these investments – the three best ways to play the precious metals bull market – there is an easy and basically free way to do it.

But before I get to that, I want you to consider something first...

Is this kind of investing for you?

If you like to chase the latest investment fad...

What Chris does is probably not for you.

But if you're looking for super-safe ways to grow your wealth and income for retirement... for your children or grandchildren... or simply because you enjoy watching your money grow... you will definitely benefit from Chris Weber's advice.

You see, while Chris puts a good deal of his safe money into investments that 99.9% of investors have never heard of, he doesn't like to take ANY risks with his money.

As he said recently:

"I used to live just a few minutes from the Casino in Monte Carlo, but I've never went inside it. In fact, I've never gambled. I don't like to put up money unless the odds are overwhelmingly in my favor... "

In other words, Chris doesn't buy ANYTHING unless he believes it is low-risk, with the odds heavily in his favor to make significant gains.

Some of his investment ideas will probably be completely new to you. Like the very rare gold coin I was telling you about, for example...

But if you decide that you'd like to start receiving Chris' journal, you will find that the investments he recommends are incredibly simple to make...

Always safe...

And almost always profitable. Do you know of any other analyst in America who can say that? I don't...

But the truth is, you need to see for yourself, as his other readers have done over the years:

"I couldn't resist writing you a fan letter. I so much enjoy your personal, witty, insightful and valuable advice, and it has been exceedingly profitable for me."
A loyal American reader living in Seoul, South Korea, Charlotte Hemphill



"Someone once said that Chris Weber is the best investor in the world. He is certainly the best for me. He travels among the world's people and their cultures and genuinely listens to them. He doesn't need hype. He invests in what he recommends to his readers. When his letter arrives, I print it and head to my favorite coffee shop to enjoy it. For me, his letter is a great celebration of how the world works. Chris genuinely cares about his readers and wants us to walk with him and to prosper. Thank you, Chris." – Martina Long, Canada



"This is an appropriate time to tell you how much I enjoy your letter. Congratulations on being one of three I wouldn't miss reading – and the one that I would read if I no longer read the others."
Allan Kaplan, Connecticut



"Chris, as a longtime subscriber, I made some outstanding profits on your trade recommendations! I love your crisp writing and actionable recommendations, whether its stocks, currencies and or bonds."
Michael Reisinger

So why don't you hear more about Chris Weber?

Well, he doesn't need any more subscribers. So, he almost never advertises.

That's because Chris' letter isn't published by a big publishing firm. The fact is, unless you know about him from being in and around the financial industry... or you received a word-of-mouth invitation... you'd probably never know about his letter...

When you become a subscriber, you get ALL of Chris' best ideas. There's no other subscription to buy. There's no up sell to a more "exclusive" service. Simply put, you get all of Chris Weber's best investment ideas, in one place, for a ridiculously low price.

Remember, Chris doesn't do this for the money – he already has all the money he will ever need.

He loves the investing challenge... and he loves sharing what he's doing with other people who are passionate about their investments, too.

(Chris tried to work with a big publishing firm once before, but they wouldn't let him write about the investments he was personally buying... so he ended that arrangement.)

How will you know for sure if Chris' investment ideas are right for you?

There's an easy way to find out for sure...

How you'll know if this is right for you

If you're interested in learning more about the investment ideas I've told you about, I would like you to have the next three (3) months to evaluate Chris' work for yourself...

At no risk or obligation.

That way, you can take your time deciding whether or not it's right for you.

Chris calls his letter The Weber Global Opportunities Report. He writes twice a month – once on the first of each month, and again in the middle of the month (it's usually the 15th, but you might receive it earlier, depending on where he is in the world).

So here's what I propose...

First, let me know if you would like to try Chris' letter. As soon as I hear from you, you will have instant on-line access to The Weber Global Opportunities Report, including the details on the 3 opportunities I've mentioned:

How to Profit from the Precious Metals Bull Market. The three investments detailed in this report are Chris' three favorite ways to own gold and silver right now. In the years to come, you could make as much as 1,000% or more if you get in now... while precious metals are still cheap.

Plus twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th of every month, you will receive the latest Weber Global Opportunities Report via e-mail, the day it is published.

You'll also receive online access to Chris' entire archive of bi-monthly reports, filed from all over the world.

And best of all, when you become a subscriber, you get ALL of his best ideas in his twice-monthly report. There's no other 'exclusive' research subscription to buy... and there never will be.

Three months -6 full issues- should give you plenty of time to decide if you like Chris' safety-first investment philosophy... and to see the gains for yourself.

I believe the research Chris does – and his incredible track record – is better than anything else out there.

Why do I say that?

"Thanks to Chris Weber, $3,000 became $27,000 in a year... "

In our entire industry of independent financial analysts, there's only one person who is uniformly acclaimed to be the single best investor.

Talk to anyone who has been in our industry for more than a decade. Ask them who the best investor is in our business...

No matter who you ask, the answer will be the same – Chris Weber.

Why? Because most of the people in our business made their money publishing. Only a few made their money mostly with investments. And only Chris has never had a regular job – well, except for his paper route.

If you read a few newsletters already, I'm sure you've heard his name, perhaps mentioned in passing or given credit for a good investment idea. Writers, publishers and the press routinely identify Chris Weber as one of the best investors in the world.

As I mentioned, Chris' letter is very unique in this business. He only writes about what he's actually doing with his own money. His track record isn't hypothetical either – it's his actual fortune on the line.

As you would expect from someone who made all of his money through investing, his track record is one of the best around.

Of course, I cannot promise how much you could make by following Chris' advice. But I think what he does will make a huge difference in your life... especially today.

Just consider what some of Chris' long-time readers have to say about how his ideas have helped them:

"Thanks to your advice, $3,000 became $27,000 in a year. Weber Global Opportunities is the only financial newsletter I have continually subscribed to over the last three years." – Akihiro Matsuda, Japan



"I've known Chris since the mid-1990s. I admit freely that Chris's work has influenced my thinking. No other general investor that I know has made more money investing and suffered so few losses in that time. I believe Chris Weber is the single best investor in the world."
Porter Stansberry, Founder, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research



"We have clients from various different countries who follow Chris' investment ideas. He is not promising 'the world' in terms of returns (as others do) but tries to see the bigger picture. It is remarkable how quickly he can grasp and analyze foreign markets/economies thanks to his travels. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his letter."
– Urs Frei, Member of Senior Management, Wegelin & Co., Private Bankers, Zurich, Switzerland

For the caliber of advice you receive, The Weber Global Opportunities Report is incredibly cheap.

How "one of the
best investors on the planet" got a Palm Beach Mansion for free

Chris Weber could easily afford all the trappings of wealth. Mega-yachts. Opulent Swiss chateaus. Or $500,000 German sports cars...

But he's not interested in any of that.

His only real passion is investing. And he's better at it than just about anyone out there...

Once, for example, Chris bought the estate across from the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach, Florida. It was 1996 and Florida real estate was on its knees. The owners were asking a price Chris thought was much too high in that pessimistic market... and he guessed that his near half-price bid would be the only one the owners would get. He was right...

As Florida real estate recovered in the next four years, when Chris finally sold it, he made over 100% on the deal... getting to live in a beautiful Palm Beach mansion essentially free.

As Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, Editor of True Wealth, says of Chris:

"Chris has actually never had a "real" job, outside of a paper route when he was a teenager. Way back then, he was interested in investing, and loaded his savings into gold coins. He turned the investments from his paper route into over a million dollars, while in his early twenties. His success hasn't
I've known Chris for years, and I think he is one of the best investors on the planet. "

One year – 24 Complete Issues – is only $249.


And remember, when you try Chris' report, there is zero risk to you. You have the first three (3) months to see if this low-risk, high return investment philosophy is right for you.

If you're not happy, just let us know any time in those first 90 days. And you will receive a full refund.

This way, you don't risk a thing by trying his report... and you have plenty of time to see the financial results for yourself.

The fact is, Chris doesn't need to write a letter at all. He already has all the money he'll ever need...

He writes about where he's putting his money because it's what he loves to do. He enjoys interacting with his readers... to figure out what's going on the world... how it will affect his investments... and how it all will help his readers.

(You can also write to Chris directly, any time you want to... he loves to hear from his readers, and he usually answers reader questions once a month in his letter).

It's like a good friend writing you twice a month... a good friend who just happens to be a self-made multi-millionaire investor.

So if you'd like to try Chris' report, I encourage you to do so right away.

As soon as you let me know, you will receive access to Chris' full research on the opportunities I've told you about here:


How to Profit from the Precious Metals Bull Market


If you follow up on just one of these opportunities, The Weber Global Opportunities Report will likely pay for itself – very safely – many times over.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. To sign up now, click here.


Pamela Aden
Publisher, The Weber Global Opportunities Report

P.S. Remember: You can try Chris' letter with no risk to you. If you decide in the first 3 months that these kinds of investment ideas aren't for you, just let us know... and you will receive 100% of your money back. But I think you'll find Weber Global Opportunities to be one of the best advisories you've ever received.

In fact, Chris' letter was recently voted #1 out of 50 advisories on Stock Gumshoe Reviews, an investment newsletter review website. Among the comments:

SLW from Iowa: "I've been a subscriber for about 8 months and I'm happier with this service and advice than any other newsletter..."

Al in St. Charles MO: "I consider The Weber Opportunities Report to be a stellar newsletter and have recommended it to many people. I rank Chris Weber just below Richard Russell as an excellent newsletter writer..."

Chris G.: "For a very reasonable subscription fee, you get insight from a big money investor with a phenomenal track record..."

Will B.: "I have subscribed to many newsletters over the years, and The Weber Global Opportunities Report is my longest running subscription. If I could only a single newsletter, Chris Weber's would be the one..."

Ian: "I wish I had been fortunate enough to start reading Chris Weber's wonderfully understated advice seven years ago when he started his letter, instead of the mere two years I have been following him. I would have been a lot better off..."

Alexander in California: "To read Chris Weber is the best investment advice you will ever get in your life..."